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I updated my 101 things I would like to do.

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Just something that I found, and thought it was interesting

How to Work out Without Weights

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Need to get in shape? Maybe you’re just tired of paying for that gym membership. Here are some different type of exercises you can do, all of which do not require weights.


  1. Do pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great way to build back strength. You just need a bar that is high enough. Alternate between close grip pullups (biceps) and wide grip pullups (lats)
  2. Do sit-ups. Sit-ups strengthen your abs. Find a friend to hold your feet, or stick your feet under your couch and do them.
  3. Do push-ups. Push-ups help build your chest muscle.
  4. Run or jog. Running and jogging are great for your breathing, leg muscles, and arm muscles. You will get in much better shape from running or jogging as well, if you are working out to lose weight. If you have trouble with pain in the side try breathing out when your left foot hits the ground. Breathing out on the right foot puts more pressure in the liver, thus the pain in the sides that plauges many runners.
  5. Swim. Swimming is great because water supports any weight and you can do a lot of exercise without becoming too warm.
  6. Walk. While it may not seem like much, walking can do wonders for your body. It’s a very good place to start if you are starting a workout routine.
  7. Use a medicine ball. Using a medicine ball can have many of the same benefits as lifting weights. Try one out.
  8. Do anything else that gets your heart pumping faster or you sweating. Anything that does either of these is working out.also try to do wall pushups and lots of resistance training. which is use another person to push on your arms as you are trying to push them up or pull them over your head. or push on your legs as you put them up. there are also leg lifts which you hold on to the persons legs and lift your feet and have the person shove them down. make it so that your feet dont hit the ground. do left, right, forward. do 15 reps of these. this really helps with the bottom half of your six pack.


  • You can do chin-ups, or a flex-arm hang instead of pull-ups if you want.
  • There are many other types of ab exercises besides sit-ups. Find a couple that you like best and do them.
  • When you do sit-ups, you might need to put a pillow under you if your tail bone hurts when you do them.
  • Talk to a fitness instructor at a gym.
  • There is nothing detrimental to lifting weights, as long as your bones are not still developing (elementary school kid), or if you are lifting more than you should be. Bad technique is not good either.


  • Don’t work out too hard. You could injure yourself.
  • Weights are still usually necessary to build muscle

Things You’ll Need

  • Use whichever ones apply to you:
  • Bar to do pull-ups
  • Friend or couch for situps
  • Pillow (if you need it for situps)
  • Good running shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Area to swim, walk, or run
  • Medicine ball

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Why is it important to warm up and stretch?

  A low impact exercise, such as biking, walking, an elliptical machine, a rowing machine, etc. is the best way to warm up. There are many reasons why you should warm up and stretch before working out – the main one is injury prevention. A warmup and stretch help increase the elasticity of your muscles and connective tissues prior to putting them under stress. Increased elasticity simply means muscle and tissues are more relaxed and flexible. Running is just one example of an exercise that puts an enormous amount of stress on your body.Working out without a warmup and raising your heart rate rapidly can cause problems also. A proper warmup improves heart function and prepares it for the stress of exercise. The heart receives greater blood flow and oxygen with a gradual warmup.

Your muscles will actually perform better with a proper warmup and stretch as well – there is a tendency for lactic acid to build up in your muscles quicker without a warmup. Lactic acid is what you feel when you are doing an intense exercise and you feel a “burn.” Warming up and stretching dissipates this lactic acid. So you can actually get more out of your workout with a proper warmup and stretch.

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It’s 5:30am and it is raining, no…thunderstorming outside. I have to go to work, which makes my day suck off the bat. I stepped on the scale this A.M., as I do every Tuesday morning. I think I am going to change that to every two weeks. I gained 1.6 lbs, and that was after my morning pee. My hair isn’t laying right and my head hurts. I hate working the floor. It’s like someone came in and ripped my soul right out of my body at the end of my day, and I just want to lay there in the flat space left of skin and mush.

I have to go to work.

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To rid of love handles

For love handles, try this side-bend stretch in conjunction with diet, exercise, sodium reduction, and 80 ounces of water a day:

SIDE BEND (Do this stretch at least three times throughout the day.)
Purpose: To stretch the triceps, upper back, abdominals, and obliques.
Here’s how you do it: Bend to one side while holding your opposite arm overhead, then quickly stretch to the other side, raising the other arm. This drill should be done in a controlled, continuous fashion for 10 stretches on each side of your body.

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Walk across America

I found this cool site where you can keep track of total distances walked, and it compiles it all together to allow you to see a virtual walk across America. It is actually pretty neat. Since I know it was NOT going to happen as long as I had children home, and before my 1001 days was up, I did not put it on the list, but I think it would be cool to actually walk across America sometime. Maybe even down Rt. 66 in honour of cousin Emily’s astounding accomplishments in helping to restore the natural beauty of the ole Rt. Just a thought.

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If you are a real person, this will bring tears to your eyes

I found this on my search for more motivatinal tools.  It is about 10 minutes long, but it is worth your time.

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My motivation

Ok, so I am a member of One of their “tools” is to set up a motivational page, which I did. I have the poster that I made attached to my fridge that consists of many different photos….No this is not me


Why did our dolls not look like this? Would have saved me on years of not hiding who I was and enjoying life.

One of me 15 years ago, and this cute little cartoon….

Me, about 15 years agoweightloss.jpg

And of course, what I look like now at this point in time.


Of course, I also have this motivational script:

My Major Motivation Points  
  Personal Appearance: I want to:  
•Fit into that dress •Look younger
•Wear a swim suit on the beach •Firm up what I have
•Stop avoiding mirrors •Keep my thighs from rubbing
•Look better naked! •Have my clothes fit better
Health & Fitness: I want to:
•Live longer •Have more energy
•Climb stairs without being winded •Run or walk a 5k, marathon, triathlon or other race
•Get back into playing a sport •Feel and be stronger
Friends, Family and Social Life: I want to:
•Play and be active with my kids •Stick around to see my grandkids grow up
•Do more active things with my spouse
Everyday Signs and Situations: I want to:
•Be more confident in myself, with better self esteem •Fly, ride a roller coaster or go to a movie without feeling squashed or using a seatbelt extender
•Have people ask if I have lost weight •Prove to myself that I can do it.

I suppose that I could have added some of these things to my 101 list, but like I had said, I could go on and on. Now I have this posted on my fridge for all of my family and friends to see as they go into my kitchen. And now I have this posted for the whole world to see. This, in itself, had better be my motivation to get my ass in gear!

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You go Granny!

So here I am drinking my orange juice, waiting for the coffee pot to alert me of my fresh cup of caffeine for the day, sitting and reading the news stories on My Yahoo! page. One story popped out at me, making my eyebrow go up with curiosity. Apparently, in Sante Fe, N.M, an 83 yr.old woman was pumping gas at a gas station when some thug tried to take her purse that was wrapped twice around her wrist. She beat him down and sprayed him with gas, even as he was running from her, dragging her by her purse down the parking lot. Thank goodness for the good samaritan that stopped this utter display of stupidity and got the man loose. Can you imagine looking out your window as your driving down the road and seeing some 83 year old woman fight for what is hers by beating a man with a gas nozzle? While I was reading this, I was picturing me 50 years from now, doing the same thing. You go Granny!

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Yeah for me!

I started this journey of weight loss as my new year’s resolution. I started off at a sad 235lbs. and a size 18/20 I started by watching my caloric intake, decreased my fat intake and started really checking out the protein levels verses the carbs in everything that I ate. I absolutely LOVE the Biggest Loser, and started my journey with the Jillian Michaels 5-disc DVD set. Here it is nearly three months later, and I am down 28lbs, lost a total of 9 inches off my entire body and YEAH!!!!!!! got into my size 14 pants this morning that I haven’t worn in four years! Now the confession is, I have only worked out maybe 6 times since starting this, making every excuse in the book. So this weight loss is nearly strictly watching what I eat. Man, what would it be like if I actually worked out? I probably would still be in the size 14 jeans, but without the flab overhang that still exists. My butt would not be as saggy, and the breasts may actually show some perk again….yep, this is my reality check. Now that I know it can be done, look out, because I am going to be workout queen by the end of the next three months! Size 8 here I come!

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